ProBuild CONFIDENTIAL: As the leading provider of Live Video Guard Services to building supply companies across North America, Live-Guard, LLC has developed a custom solution for protecting Builders First Choice and ProBuild locations.

Builders First Choice has made arrangements so that the Live-Guard system can be installed at company locations with no initial CAPEX so P&L is not impacted

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Business Hours – Operations Visibility                                     After Hours – Live Surveillance

After Hours – Live Exterior Surveillance

Builders First Source Security & Surveillance Package 

  1. Applicable to all locations where security/theft could be a concern.
  2. Protecting company assets and employees is the responsibility of each location Manager.
  3. Provides a significant cost savings for locations currently using full or part-time guard services.
  4. The Standard Package can be modified if additional areas at a facility need protection.
  5. For additional information, refer to addition website pages and contact Live-Guard directly at 888.608.7631.

Implementation Steps –

  1. Contact Live-Guard at 888.608.7531 or email to
  2. A Live-Guard representative will arrange a site survey at a mutually agreeable time.
  3. Live-Guard will recommend a site design to effectively protect the location from thefts and intrusions.
  4. Once a final design is approved by the location Manager, a quote will be provided for hardware and live surveillance.
  5. Upon quote approval, an installation date will be scheduled.
  6. Following installation, live video surveillance will begin on a requested date.  Management will also be provided with access to all cameras from any location/device for additional Operational visibility.

Highlights Following “Go Live” Date

  • The Live-Guard system is fully managed remotely and therefore requires very little local Management involvement.
  • Monitoring times, as requested by the location management are fully automated and no manual arming/disarming is required.
  • Managers will have instant access (with secure log-in credentials) to access all cameras from any device, from any location at any time.
  • When intrusions occur, the Live-Guard monitoring station will immediately dispatch Police and notify the location Manager of the intrusion.
  • Live-Guard will work directly with Police authorities for full prosecution of intruders.
  • If connectivity is ever lost, location Managers will be immediately notified so sites do not unknowingly go unprotected.
  • Local Management will also be trained and continually provided with support on how to also utilize the system as a Management tool.
  • Please also refer to the FAQ in the menu bar above for additional information.