The Only Camera That Can STOP a Crime is One That’s Being Watched Live.  Recording Alone Accomplishes Nothing.

It’s not just about security cameras and monitoring.

Live-Guard is a national security solution company that also helps businesses manage their operations more effectively 24/7.

And we do it all for a fraction of the cost of a security guard.


… gives you these four views to MANAGE your business

… gives us these four views to PROTECT your business.


More management with better results: Our camera and monitoring systems provide data to more effectively manage your business. Let your managers monitor operations from multiple locations from their computer or smartphone. Connect your point-of-sale system to our system to connect video with receipts and transactions.

One camera gets you four views: Live-Guard cameras record about 30 times more detail than standard security cameras. One camera can give you four views, plus offers 360° panorama views you can see on your smartphone.

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Less equipment with lower risks: Don’t worry about hard drives crashing or DVRs not working because we don’t use them. Look live on your smartphone when you want.


Less network bandwidth with lower maintenance: High-resolution images are processed internally, so you don’t have to do anything to archive and see them live.


More protection with lower frustration: Video of a crime hours after it happens doesn’t help your business or your employees. We contact police when the crime happens and police respond quicker.

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