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Simply said, Security Guard Services, whether full or part-time, are expensive.  On average, we find that our services are often 10% or less cost of the a typical guard service.  However, it’s not just about saving money on security, it’s about stopping losses due to thefts (and not just recording them) as well as keeping your employees and customers safe.

Key Advantages vs. Security Guards:

  • Eyes everywhere.  Even when a security guard is on site, they can only be in one place at a time.  We have you covered in all areas of concern simultaneously.
  • We’re always there.  If you’ve ever wondered if a part-time guard actually showed up or if a guard “tour” occurred, you’re not alone.  Our team is always there, wide awake and undistracted.
  • Recorded for later proof.  Stopping a crime or incident is what counts.  Reviewing recordings after the fact rarely lead to any arrests and do nothing but frustrate when reviewed later.  Live Surveillance is a Proactive.  Recordings are still made for later proof but are not the solution to thefts at the moment they occur.
  • Our Professional Team is Always Available.  24/7/365, were on the other end of the phone for anything you need.  Our Operators are fully familiar with your site and are a call away the help with whatever you may need.