Live-Guard is a national provider serving Fortune 1000 companies and many local independent businesses.

Our capabilities go beyond just security. Our camera and monitoring systems provide management data to help you better manage your business.

As a solution company, we will tailor a solution for your needs and your budget. No business is too small to enjoy the benefits of a live video surveillance company that gives management tools to effectively run their business.

How Video Surveillance saves you money 

Imagine your Operation Managers or District Managers in charge of multiple locations being able to keep tabs on employees from their office. Live-Guard’s system allows your team to cut down on travel by providing access — both video and audio — to all aspects of your business. Whether that is checking to make sure your employees are following protocol or making sure cashiers are following the script during a transaction.

Your company can also save money by connecting your point-of-sale system to Live-Guard. You can match up receipts with video of a transaction to make sure everything went as it should have.

Video Surveillance vs. Alarm Monitoring

We don’t simply record crimes – we STOP them.  Approximately 97% of traditional alarms that go off are false. When a real issue occurs, we immediately call authorities, describe the situation, provide real-time intelligence and handle the situation as it is occurring until it is successfully resolved.

Crime in Progress vs. Alarm call

Police respond immediately to a Live-Guard dispatch as a crime in progress. Traditional alarm calls are not treated with any level of priority.

 Jurisdiction   Live-Guard Video Dispatch   Traditional Alarm   Differential 
 Boston, MA  7:38  21:00  13:22
 Charlotte, NC  5:10  13:30  8:20
 Chula Vista, CA  5:05  19:18  14:13
 Watertown, MA  4:00  23:00  19:00
 Fairfax County, VA  6:00  18:02  12:02
 Salinas, CA  2:54  39:25  36:19
 Amarillo, TX  7:06  19:24  9:18

The result? Police response times are a fraction of what they would be with an audio alarm system only.

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