If we already have cameras, what can Live-Guard do for my business?

It’s great that you have cameras and understand the need of keeping your employees and facilities secure. However, cameras that aren’t professionally monitored when it matters only provide information long after an incident has occurred.  Watching a recording of a successful theft does nothing but anger the victim and the intruder can rarely be identified.  Our mission is to prevent a crime while it’s happening.  Additionally, providing managers with easy remote access from any device to look in whenever needed is a critical operations tool so they can see what occurs when they’re not onsite.

What happens when something is seen during monitoring time?

When something or someone is detected, our Monitoring Station Operators immediately review what is occurring.  They will take the appropriate action, whether that is contacting police or contacting managers.

Can you monitor the cameras we have?

The system Live-Guard deploys is the result of on-going, worldwide research for the best in class hardware.  For this reason, we only provide services to the hardware we trust to protect your location.  We simply can’t compromise when it comes to protecting your people and assets.

What if someone who is authorized needs to enter at odd hours?

Never a problem.  If authorized personnel, vendors or other need to come onsite during monitoring hours, all they need to do is call our 800 number before entering and provide your passcode.

What times do you monitor?

It’s up to you. Monitoring times can be fully customized. Times can be defined precisely as you want for each day of the week and modified at any time.

How many cameras do we need?

We conduct a “site survey” with you to determine what is needed to protect and provide management visibility to the areas of interest.  The equipment we utilize can be configured to cover up to four independent areas simultaneously resulting in a significant cost savings.

Can I lease the equipment?

Yes.  Our customers often prefer leasing.  We can tailor a lease specific to your needs.  Of course, the equipment can also be purchased as well.

Do your cameras capture sound?

Cameras with integrated microphones are an optional feature.  This feature is often very useful as a management tool when viewing operations remotely from a computer or mobile device.

Can anyone see what the cameras capture? Access is strictly limited to users you determine. A user name and password are required to access views or functions.

How long are recordings?

It’s up to you.  Additional storage can be added to retain as much history as desired. Unlike other security video systems, you don’t have to worry about hard drives and making sure you have enough room to save all the video taken.

How long should the cameras last?

Years.  The vast majority of cameras we deployed more than 10 years ago are still functioning like new.  As solid-state, all digital devices, there are no moving parts to wear and no heaters or fans are necessary in outdoor settings.  Whenever new software releases are developed, we upload into your cameras remotely so you’re always up to date with the most current functions and features.

What about IT and network security?

Great question.  All of our cameras are PCI compliant, which is vital for any business that accepts credit cards.  Bandwidth is also not a concern.  No bandwidth is used during non-monitor times unless a remote user is temporarily looking in for management purposes. During monitoring times, when no one is onsite, no bandwidth is used unless activity is detected and our Security Personnel are accessing the situation.